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We are not your average backyard breeder. Nestled in Pottersville, New Jersey, Sweet Dreams Acres is home to a variety of animals living in picturesque pastures with acres to roam. We raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, mini donkeys, chickens, and several family pets. Many breeders coop up their goats in muddy dirt pens, which is not evident until you pick them up. 


We believe that animals with the opportunity to forage in naturally fertilized pastures and is well socialized with other animals, children, and even our resident senior citizen, "grandpa" makes for a happy and healthy pet for our customers. Limiting grain and allowing them to munch on our custom-seeded pastures also leaves a low carbon footprint, a win-win for the animals and for the environment.  

Sweet Dreams Acres offers registered show and pet-quality milk goats and mini donkeys. We have several breedings planned for 2024, likely to result in various coats, colors, moon-spotted and polled kids. If you're looking for a show-quality milking doe or a beautiful blue-eyed pet, we have something for everyone. We can deliver baby goats if you are within an hour of our farm or in Nassau or Western Suffolk County, Long Island.

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