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  • How much is a baby goat?
    We strive to match up the right goat to your needs. Pricing depends on pedigree, gender, physical attributes, bottle vs dam feeding and overall availability.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes! We still have deep roots on Long Island where our passion for hobby farming began. We can deliver to Long Island or within an hour of our farm in Tewksbury for a small fee.
  • How do I reserve a goat?
    Contact Grace at to discuss your needs and kids that are available/expected.
  • Do you have any donkeys available?
    Yes! We have two jack foals born summer 2023 available. See our donkeys page for more details!
  • Can I visit your farm?
    We do not have a farm that is generally open to the public but you are welcome to visit with us when you pickup your baby goat. We can also recommend several nice farms locally that are equipped for visitors. Tewksbury Township is a beautiful day trip.
  • How to I learn more about caring for goats?
    There are so many great resources on the internet and on YouTube. We hope to start our own channel as we learn more ourselves! We find ourselves often referring to this website:
  • Can I get a health certificate for my goat before finalizing a purchase?
    Yes! Our vet (or a vet of your choosing) can prepare a wellness certificate here before you finalize the purchase. It must be paid for in advance. Our vet charges $70 for farm calls and $30 for each certificate.
  • Do you have any baby goats available now?
    Our 2023 season is sold out but there are some special goats we are looking to help fit with a forever home. Inquire for details.
  • Are your kids bottle or dam raised?
    We have a combination of both! Some exclusively dam, some exclusively bottle and we are starting to dual feed some! Let us know your preference and we can try to match you up!
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