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More 2024 Foals Expected!


Deposit Received, Blu will be moving to Mendham, NJ when weaned in October


MoonlitDreams Cumberland Blues is a beautiful miniature donkey foal born on May 22, 2024. Blu is the son of Lil Darlin Justa Raisin Cane ("Raisin") and N&D Lonestar's Mischief Maker. Raisin is a 31" tall, MDR registered miniature donkey with a striking dark brown/black coat. Mischief Maker, Rosie's sire, is a 28" spotted micro-miniature donkey. Blu has soft chocolate-colored fur and a sweet temperament.

Price: $3500


Deposit Received, Lovebug will be moving to Smithfield, RI when weaned in August


MoonlitDreams Lovebug is a beautiful miniature donkey foal born on March 15, 2024. Lovebug is the daughter of Morning Star Rhiannon ("Ruby") and Brayers Are Us Red Flare. Ruby is a 30" tall, MDR registered micro miniature donkey with stunning dark red fur, a unique shade on our farm. Red Flare, Lovebug's sire, is a 29.5" dark red jack. Lovebug seems to have inherited a lot of her parents red and has a friendly and affectionate personality. 

Price: $4500


Sold, Firefly moved to Warren County, NJ with his bestie, Twilight


Introducing the enchanting MoonLit Dreams Firefly, a true gem in the making! Born on a starry July 16, 2023, this donkey has an adorable and rare spotted coat and a sweet disposition. His mother, SFM Marybeth, is a stunning 33 1/2-inch spotted jenny, while his father, Morning Star Gunny, stood proud at 32 inches.  

Price: $3000


Sold, Firefly moved to Warren County, NJ with his bestie, Firefly

Introducing the extraordinary Twilight, a shining star born into our world on June 9th, 2023. Twilight's lineage is a testament to pure sweetness; his mother is our beloved rescue Junebug (AKA Moira Rose if you remember her from her days at Winding Creek), and his father, Trl's End Halifax, is a striking 30 1/2" black NLP jack with a distinctive cross on his coat. What makes Twilight truly enchanting is his captivating coat color, a masterpiece of nature that transitions seasonally between Black NLP and Dark Brown NLP, featuring a striking and distinctive cross.

Price: $2000

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MGF Scarlett Valentine is a 33  1/2" dark red jennet who is an experienced mom with a sweet temperament.  She is pregnant with a foal due Summer 2024. She will retire from breeding and be sold with her foal.

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